Tauranga Tree Clearance

Tree Clearance Tauranga

Tauranga Tree Clearance may be necessary when building a new home, commercial property or industrial facility. It can also be used to create roads and parking lots for these types of buildings. The purpose of land clearing is to create an open space where you can build your project without having to worry about trees or other vegetation getting in the way. Call us if you need land clearance service for the following:

  • You want to create a new area where you plan on building something like a house or office complex
  • You’re a firm and you need a contractor to clear forest areas, vegetations, or trees
  • You need more space for parking lots so that employees don’t have to walk far distances when they want to get somewhere quickly

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Natural Land Clearing vs. Cultivate Land Clearing

There are two main purpose of land clearance. Natural land clearing refers to the removal of trees and other plants by natural processes such as fire, wind or water erosion. On the other hand, cultivated land clearing refers to the removal of trees and other plants using different machines. Some examples are ploughing, burning or other agricultural uses such as crop growing.  Although this type of land clearance is more suited for agricultural aims, you can still consult our team for the kind of land clearing you need.

Clearance of Forested Areas

 We clear forested areas and can help with permit and licensing. When there’s a need to clear existing forested areas or vegetable, you can always trust our team. We can also remove deadwood and other debris that could damage homes or business if it falls onto the property or into streams and rivers.

Clearance of non-forested areas

In some cases, you might need to clear non-forested areas as well — for example, if you want to build a house on top of a hillside where there are no trees yet. In this case, you may have to use machinery such as chain saws or bulldozers to clear away all the trees before building your home so that it doesn’t get stuck under them after they fall down during storms or other natural disasters.

Clearing Trees for Building Projects

Land clearing for land development is the process of removing vegetation and other natural resources from land to make way for new construction and development. Land clearing can be done manually, by hand tools or by power tools.  We can clear and remove trees for large land areas, starting from 100 square meters of land area or more.

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