Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting Service for Land Development

Do you need a reliable tree cutting service in Tauranga to remove trees? It’s worth noting that not all trees can be removed in Tauranga.  Certain considerations must be placed on location, circumstances, regulations in lace. As a qualified arborist, we can provide guidance and proceed with any tree removal using safe, legal manner, and with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

As a home or property owner, you need to know the different tree activities that will require signature and approval from Tauranga City Council. If in doubt, you can always call our team for more guidance.

  • tree pruning
  • tree removal 
  • transplanting
  • root disturbance
  • activities with potential to damage any part of a Council tree. 

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Factors Affecting the Approval for Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Or Tree Felling

Time frame –  The council basically responds in three working days to outline the tree removal while application will be process in more or less 10 days. The application can be lengthy and complex, especially when it comes to big tree clearance and large-scale process. But rest assured that our team will be there every step of the process.

Fee – While there is no application for the tree removal permit itself, there are certain conditions that will be imposed on tree removal. This is true especially if the tree involved is a significant tree, historical, or has a specific breed.

Type of tree – Not all trees are allowed to be removed in Tauranga. There are trees, that no matter how old, are kept alive for many years. Some tree care companies are tasked for the upkeep of these trees for their historical significance.  Even so, if a land is needed for real estate development or commercial development, hiring a professional tree arborist is only necessary. Tauranga Arborist doesn’t only especialise in removing trees in private properties but also for commercial projects.

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Protected Trees in New Zealand

  • Palm trees
  • Macrocarpa
  • Norfolk Pine
  • Poplars
  • Eucalyptus
  • Willows
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Types of Trees that Can Be Subject for Removal

Know the protected trees in New Zealand.

  • Kauri
  • Pohutukawa
  • Rimu
  • Totara
  • Kahikatea

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